LTX - Wheelset Demount Machine


LTX - Wheelset Demount Machine is mainly used for the railway wheels unloading (standard gauge, meter gauge, broad gauge, narrow gauge). Adjusting the position of the wheel movable supporting can adapt to different wheelsets and different process requirements.The equipment adopts the side pull board on the supine side, which has high strength and small occupy space, which facilitates the lifting and operation of the work-piece.The press head of the withdrawal cylinder adopts a spherical adjustment mechanism to prevent axle end damage and journal thickening.The auxiliary oil cylinder and the main oil cylinder are arranged on the same axis, ensuring that the axle keeps a parallel and stable movement during the withdrawal process.Linear guide rail type axle support device has rough positioning and longitudinal movement function (without power). It eliminates the need for crane cooperation during the wheel set withdrawal and saves a lot of manpower and material resources.Adopting the control form of interconnection between IPC and PLC, it has input functions such as axle number, wheel number and their respective manufacturer, production date, wheel withdrawal reason, withdrawal date, etc., and has the storage function of the above parameters and the maximum withdrawal force.


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