WYP-Type EMU Rolling Bearing Press Mount Unit


WYP-Type EMU Rolling Bearing Press Mount Unit is suitable for auto press mount of rolling bearing metro and EMU wheelset. The unit is mainly composed of rolling bearing press mount machine, wheel feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, electric control system and truss robot. When working, the robot pre-assembles the bearing then the wheel feeding mechanism feeds the wheelsets into and out of the working station, the press mount machine automatically press mount the bearings, generate press mount curves, judge press mount results and update the press mount information to the net, whole process controlled by computer, realize unmanned automatic work of bearing press mount. The unit has declared four national invention patents and entered the stage of practical examination. And has been authorized by three national utility model patents.


Main Technical Parameters


Axle Length2000-2400
Wheel DiameterΦ700-φ960
Workpiece Weight<2500
Bearing Inner DiameterΦ120-φ160
Max Press Force600
Displacement Detection Equivalent0.1
Working Speed<6
Robot Load Capacity150
Robot Installation MethodUpside Down
Re-Positioning Accuracy0.1
Axle Number6+1
Noise Level (A)<75
Equipment Installation Power40
Press Mount Machine Size (L*W*H)4930*1200*2100
Robot Truss Size (L*W*H)6200*4750*2500-3700


Height Requirements of Workshop

According to the height of the workshop, the different heights of truss and robot are selected, respectively:

  1. The minimum height of the workshop no less than 2500mm.

  2. The minimum height of the workshop no less than 3800mm.


    Equipment Features And Functions

  1. This equipment is an intelligent automatic press mount machine. When working, the guide sleeve of the press cylinder piston rod extend -- Robot catch the bearing and pre-assembles on the guide sleeve -- Wheelset feeding on the press station -- Wheelset rise to adjust height (Concentric with press cylinder) -- Wheelset positioning and locking -- Bearing press mount -- Wheelset return down -- Wheelset transfer to the discharge position -- Wheelset return end. Whole process fully automated and unmanned.

  2. The body adopts the overall gantry frame design. Whole machine is composed of press mount, feeding wheel, wheelset lifting and positioning, hydraulic station, robot, robot truss, electric control cabinet, etc.

  3. The applicability of the main cylinder is good: The main cylinder adopts the intelligent double barrel cylinder, the outer cylinder for press mount, the inner cylinder for positioning, moving position is digitally controlled. Could meet the requirements of bearing press mount for various type wheelsets.

  4. The hydraulic control system uses a proportional valve closed-loop control method to provide power to the cylinder. Realize automatic control of system pressure and flow. For the adjustment of the press force of different axle types, the user can automatically adjust by selecting the press mode.

  5. Bearing press mount can automatically generate press-fitting curve and judge whether it is qualified. The generated pressure-displacement (time) curve can be stored in the computer. Data can be scanned by barcode or input manually. After the press mount is completed, the data is automatically bound, stored and printable with the wheelset barcode, and the data can be docked with the workshop-level MES system data.

  6. High security: With overpressure alarm function, the system will automatically stop working if abnormal pressure occurs during the work. The equipment has safety protection interlocking device, short circuit, open circuit and leakage protection device, emergency stop button and hydraulic device overload protection system, overpressure will be automatically unloaded. The working load of the hydraulic system is kept constant, easy to adjust, and the system is stable. The operation of the loading robot of the bearing and the press mount machine are coordinated with each other. There are safety fences during the work.



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